Cinematography is my favorite way of telling stories, through lighting, and composition, my possibilities for telling stories are endless. To show my stories and not tell them is very important to me.


My directing studies have recently been growing, and I find great interest in learning about the psychology of directing and acting. Leading a crew by expressing my ambitions on telling a story can be really rewarding.

Post Production

Post production is such an essential step to me in telling a story. Through rhythm, color, and structure a piece can be drastically changed. All of my self directed films are cut by me.

Visual storytelling through media has always been something I respected, I have sought out for the past seven years to study this medium, and reproduce my own stories. The film industry has been such a great experience for me to explore and expand on my efficiency and creativity. I find myself learning more and more on a daily basis throughout this great field. I also have an ongoing professional education in film, including Columbia College Chicago, and the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, where I study film on a daily basis. I am a national Young Arts Alumni, a Gold Key holder at Scholastic, and have had my work showcased at the White House.